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5 Skin Protection Tips You Should Know

SunscreenThe Florida sun can give you a terrific tan or a serious burn. That’s why we’re sharing these skin protection tips for our Promenade Crossing community members in Orlando, Florida.

1: Block Out Harmful UV Rays

It’s important to consider that the risk of excessive and harmful UV rays impacts everyone. Some people may believe sunscreen is only for fair-skinned people. Not true. Skin damage and melanoma can impact anyone, regardless of pigmentation or experience with the sun’s exposure. Put sunscreen on every morning if you plan to go out in the sun. Longer exposures call for a greater SPF rating. If you are going to the beach, multiple applications may be in order.

2: Moist Skin is Healthy Skin

In some male circles, the idea of moisturizing skin suffers a stigma of being feminine. Goodness gracious guys, we’re talking about the most important organ of your body. Let’s take care of it!

The human skin requires key vitamins and oils that keep it healthy and elastic. Vitamin E is a huge help in maintaining skin health. But the hot Florida sun can play havoc with the skin’s natural oils. Just as moist skin is healthy skin, dry skin is a problem.

Moisturize your skin every morning and twice per day when the weather is particularly warm or when you are exposed to the sun for lengthy periods of time. There’s no reason to get unnecessarily wrinkled skin.

3: Practice Exfoliation

When people exfoliate dead skins cells on a regular basis they are also cleansing away embedded dirt and particles. By practicing exfoliation daily, or at least twice weekly, you are accentuating skin health and protecting it from unwelcome elements.

4: Youthful-Looking Skin Matters

Healthy, young-looking skin makes you appear like the picture of health. Youthful skin can also make you look more attractive. That being said, a healthy and well-rounded diet are keys to youthful skin. Also, many all-natural skin products are enhanced with essential oils and Vitamin E. Take positive measures to keep your skin looking at least as young as you feel.

5: Cleanliness Matters

When it comes to cleanliness, all products are not created equal. Some brands can inflame the skin, cause rashes or even make you feel uncomfortable. Find a soap or skin cleaning product that suits your unique skin and stick with it. Also, avoid touching your face throughout the day. That can transfer bacteria and oil, which can lead to blemishes or acne.

We hope our Promenade Crossing community members find these skin protection tips helpful. If you or a friend would like more information about our Orlando apartments, call us today.

Promenade Crossing Living Room

Decorating Your Apartment

Promenade Crossing Living RoomDecorating your apartment isn’t rocket science. If you’re looking for easy ways to spruce up your living space, we’ve got you covered!

Decorate With Lights

There are many simple ways you can jazz it up, and string lights are one of your secret weapons. They come in all colors and shapes, including twinkling strings and vintage Edison bulbs. String them from end to end of your dining area for a festive touch. Hang them diagonally to accent a gallery wall. Just zigzag them across the ceiling. Skip the traditional pendant light and string lights over the kitchen table. It’s playful and will add to a minimalistic kitchen design.

Accessorize Your Space

Opt for scaled-down furniture pieces like petite tables. Even the usual bulky pieces like club chairs come in narrower widths today. This way, you can achieve an open-space look without cramming in your furniture. Decorate with area rugs. They are artwork for the floor. They are an ideal way to define different areas in the apartment and also add a pop of color, texture and pattern.

Add Pops of Color

Another way to jazz up your apartment is to incorporate splashes of color. Start with neutral furniture and then add some color with lamps, pillows and artwork. It will look trendy, cohesive and sophisticated. Also, hang some window treatments other than plastic. Fabric curtains will add color and structure to your apartment.

Mirrors and Other Ways to Decorate Your Apartment

Don’t be afraid to decorate with mirrors in your apartment. They visually expand space and create the illusion of depth. Some great areas to place mirrors are in the bedroom or in the entryway. If you’re using furniture that you already have, add a little do-it-yourself for style. In addition, consider adding shelves. It’ll add tons of storage while looking modern and sleek.

It’s easy and fun to decorate your apartment at Promenade Crossing. Our Orlando apartments feature chef-inspired kitchens, soaring vaulted ceilings and garden-style bathtubs. Our apartment homes set the stage where you can easily decorate with your own individual style and have it look great. Give us a call to learn more about our floor plans and amenities.

Chopping Board With Veggies

Quick 10-Minute Kitchari Recipe

Chopping Board With VeggiesMoving into our Orlando apartments gives you the flexibility to enjoy the city environment. The challenge is finding time to cook a meal at home that fits your health goals. When you have only 10 minutes for a meal, kitchari is a good option.

How to Make Kitchari

Measure the Rice and Lentils

You want one-half cup of basmati rice and one-half cup of red split lentils, or masoor dal. Soak the rice and lentils together for a few minutes while you get out other ingredients or prepare your kitchen space. If you have the time, soak them for 20 minutes. If you have limited time, then let them soak for a few minutes to remove any dirt. Drain the water and rinse your rice and lentils to remove any remaining dirt.

Use a Pressure Cooker

Put the rice and lentils in a pressure cooker. Measure four cups of water and put it into the pressure cooker. Turn on your stove and add salt and turmeric to the mixture. Close the lid and allow it to whistle two times.

Prepare Your Vegetables

While you wait for the pressure cooker to release the pressure, cut onions into small pieces. You also want to grate some garlic and ginger. Use a half inch piece of ginger and roughly two to three cloves of garlic. You can add other vegetables to your taste.

Finish Up Your Meal

Warm up a nonstick pan. Add clarified butter or ghee when the pan is warm. If you do not have clarified butter, then use coconut oil or regular butter. Allow the ghee or oil to heat and then add cumin seeds. When the seeds start to pop, add the onion. Cook until it is golden brown. Add the garlic and ginger. Cook until you have a fragrant smell. Add the rice and lentils to the pan. Mix well. Add red pepper to your taste. Mix the pepper into the kitchari and then turn off the pan. Taste the mixture. If you need to add more salt, then add it to your mixture.

Kitchari is a quick meal that takes 10 minutes or less to cook. You can adjust the recipe by adding mustard seeds or other vegetables to fit your tastes. To learn more about settling into one of our Orlando, Florida, apartments, contact us today.

Promenade Crossing Living Room

3 Ways to Decorate With Throw Pillows

Promenade Crossing Living RoomThrow pillows are a unique way to add some color and create an amazing decorating scheme for your Orlando apartment. Next time you decide to redecorate your apartment, try these three ways to decorate your rooms with throw pillows.

Vary the Number of Pillows

Depending on what goals you are trying to achieve with your decorating, determine the number of throw pillows you should include in the design. If you are trying to achieve a more traditional look, you will want to use a couple of pillows on each side to create symmetry on the piece. For a more eclectic look, create an asymmetric design such as putting three on one side and five on the other.

Choose the Perfect Shape

For those looking to create a modern look, you should consider using a mix of square and oblong pillows to mix round shapes with straight lines. If you want your space to stand out and make a statement, incorporate a mix of shapes including round, square, rectangle, and oblong. When using multiple shapes or a more eclectic design, vary the shapes you use on each side of the piece of furniture.

Pick a Complementing Fabric

Your fabric choice will be one of the most defining factors for your throw pillow design. When choosing the fabric type and patterns for your space, you will be defining the theme as well as reinforcing the mood you are trying to create. If your goal is to achieve a traditional looking space, consider picking out pillows in velvet or other upholstery fabric and choosing solid colors or simple patterns such as flowers. When trying to achieve a more eclectic look, you should choose some unique patterns such as geometric shapes and vary your fabric options giving a more random feel. If going for a clean, modern look, select cotton or linen for your fabric choices and use large geometric prints or solid bold colors.

Throw pillows are an amazing and easy way to quickly change the look of your apartment. If you are in the market for an Orlando, Florida, apartment to brush up on your decorating skills, contact Promenade Crossing today to view our available floor plans.

Promenade Crossing Bathroom

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Apartment Bathroom

Promenade Crossing BathroomSoaking in a hot bath is a lovely way to relieve the stress and strain of your day. Your bathroom gets a lot of use, but not always the cleaning attention it needs. To ensure the bathroom surfaces in your Orlando apartment are as clean as possible, check everything off this list.

Clear It Out

Remove everything from your bathroom. This is an ideal time to dispose of empty, expired or unused medications, cosmetics, toiletries and styling appliances. Also, remove shower curtain, shower mats and bathroom rugs, and clean them appropriately.

Top to Bottom

Start from the top and work your way down, so dust and dirt from above doesn’t dirty up cleaned areas below.

  • Clean the ceiling with a clean, dry microfiber mop.
  • Clean light covers or globes.

Bathroom Fixtures

Apply generous layers of all-purpose cleaner to the sink, toilet, tub and shower. Allow it to sit before scrubbing these areas in an appropriate timeframe. Standing time allows the product to dissolve soap scum and kill germs.

  • Use a tile brush to scrub grout crevices and tight corners.
  • A toothbrush makes quick work of buildup around faucets.
  • Use baking soda or non-abrasive cleansers for stains.
  • Pour white vinegar or baking soda down drains and flush with hot water to reduce smells.
  • Clean cloudy glass with white vinegar or commercial scale remover.

Tackle the Tub

If you enjoy nice leisurely soaks in your tub, pay extra attention to this area. Our Orlando, Florida, apartments have garden-style tubs. These tubs are larger and deeper than standard tubs. Use liberal amounts of a liquid (not a gritty cleaner) and make cleaning easier with a mop to reach hard-to-access areas. Prevent water spots from making your tub look dirty after it’s cleaned by thoroughly drying it with a microfiber towel wrapped around the mop head.

Clean Cabinets

Wipe interior and exterior cabinet and storage area surfaces. Polish medicine cabinet or vanity mirror. Replace everything you took out, except rugs.

Finish With Floors

Finally, sweep the floor and mop with an appropriate cleaning solution for your flooring material. Start at the furthest point and work your way towards the door, so you don’t leave footprints on your way out. Once floors are dry, put back your clean, dry bathroom rugs.

Residents of Promenade Crossing in Orlando love our modern bathrooms with garden-style bathtubs and designer finishes. Schedule a guided tour of our available floor plans by calling (877) 634-1795 today.

Bed Sheets

The Best Types of Sheets for Spring and Summer

Bed SheetsThe weather is already getting warmer and soon summer will be in full force. Hot summer nights may be ideal for going out for a night on the town, but no one enjoys coming home to sleep on hot, scratchy sheets. Plan ahead by purchasing the sheets which will make every summer night a dream.

A Simple Guide to Choosing Sheets for the Spring and Summer

The ideal warm weather sheets are those which keep you cooler but also feel wonderful against your bare skin. The next time you are out shopping for sheets, keep the following tips in mind.

Go With Linen

There is nothing worse than sweating through the night or waking up with a rash. You can avoid both problems by choosing natural over synthetic materials for your bedding. Many homeowners use cotton sheets during the warmer weather, but linen sheets will keep you cooler. While it is true that linen sheets may wrinkle and require more care than cotton, who wouldn’t accept a little more work and an occasional crease for a better night’s rest?

It is Not All About the Thread Count

Brands love to boast about the thread count of their sheets. Although a higher thread count may mean the sheet is more durable, it doesn’t always mean that it is more comfortable to sleep on during the summer. Many people find an ideal thread count to be between 300 and 400. Touching the sheet is the best way of determining if it is good for your needs.

White Sheets are Always Safe

While white sheets may not be the most fashionable choice, they are often the most practical. Did you discover a stain from last weekend’s in-bed pizza party? Just bleach it out. Besides making laundry easier, white sheets and bedding do not absorb as much heat as darker shades from the sunlight during the day.

Are you looking for apartments in Orlando, FL? Then you need to check out Promenade Crossing. Our beautiful community offers residents a resort-style swimming pool, a 24-hour fitness center and many other amenities. Only minutes away from downtown Orlando, Promenade Crossing is a wonderful place to call home. Call (877) 634-1795 to arrange a tour of our floor plans that are currently available.

Chives and Other Herbs

Herbs You Can Grow Indoors

Chives and Other HerbsThe addition of fresh herbs takes everyday meals from mundane to marvelous. For instance, even a few chopped chives provides egg dishes, pasta, and seafood with with a final layer of color and flavor. Sprigs of mint added to spring and summer cocktails add a fresh and delicious note, and having fresh oregano on hand is invaluable when creating any kind of savory dish. Fortunately, residents of our apartments in Orlando don’t have to maintain a fully fledged herb garden in order to enjoy having fresh herbs on hand — all they need is a sunny windowsill.

Following are three herbs that are as easy to grow as they are delicious.


Chives grow almost anywhere provided they’ve got the right conditions. One 6-inch pot yields enough for the average household, and they thrive on regular trimming, so be sure to use them liberally. Chives require six-to-eight hours of sunlight per day, so be sure to place them in a sunny south-facing window. However, if you don’t get that amount of sunlight in your apartment, you can nonetheless grow chives successfully by placing two 40-watt fluorescent bulbs 12 inches above the pot.


Not only will growing mint indoors provide you with a delicious addition to tea, cocktails, and certain savory dishes such as lamb chops, it will also make your apartment smell heavenly. You’ll have best results from mint if you plant them in a container that’s more wide than deep to accommodate the plant’s shallow root system. Mint needs a moist growing medium, temperatures over 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and at least four hours of sunlight per day. Besides peppermint and spearmint, you can choose to grow varieties such as apple mint, orange mint, and even chocolate mint.


Because oregano is in the mint family, it has the same basic cultivation requirements. Be sure to keep the soil moist and place it where it gets a few hours of sun every day. One of the staples of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, oregano has many different uses in the kitchen, including use in spaghetti, lasagna, and a variety of soups and stews.

Our apartment homes have chef-caliber kitchens, perfect for creating delicious meals with your herbs. Give us a call today to learn more about our amenities.


Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables for Spring

AsparagusThe first official day of spring is on March 20, 2018. That means it’s time to shake off the “February slump” and embrace everything new and bright around Orlando. Whether you’ve noticed that your New Year’s resolutions have been slipping or you’re simply interested in eating better, investing your time and energy into cooking with seasonal produce is always a great idea. As you look to stock your refrigerator this spring, be sure to keep these seasonal fruits and veggies in mind!

Fruits and Vegetables for Spring Grocery Shopping

Ready to try out a few new recipes this spring? Before you start whipping out your favorite kitchen appliances, make sure you have plenty of seasonal produce available to work with this spring.

Seasonal Spring Vegetables

  • Artichokes start to come into season towards the end of spring and continue to stay in-season as the warmer weather continues.
  • Asparagus is best when harvested from March to June. While some people believe that thicker asparagus is more tender, it simply relates to how the plant was grown.
  • New potatoes come into season in the spring and are great to eat boiled or as part of a fresh potato salad.
  • Peas come in many different varieties including garden peas, snap peas and snow peas. All of these varieties come into season during the spring months and will continue to be fresh well into the summer months.

Seasonal Spring Fruits

  • Apricots taste best when they first come into season towards the end of spring and the beginning of summer.
  • Cherries are ready to be enjoyed towards the end of the spring months in Florida. Sweet cherries are best from May to August, while sour cherries are best from late July to early August.
  • Grapefruit comes into season in Florida and other warm climates like California in late January and stays in-season until early summer.
  • Lemons will taste the best and stay juicy from late winter on into early summer.

Eat Fresh and Healthy This Spring

Interested in more great health and lifestyle tips? Check out our apartment living blog and get more information about the available floor plans at our apartments in Orlando by contacting the team at Promenade Crossing today.

Palm Leaves

Unique Party Themes for Spring

Palm LeavesEvery party at Promenade Crossing Apartments in Orlando needs a good theme. Themes are fun, they get your guests excited, and they help you focus your decorating and catering efforts. This is a great chance to hang out with your friends and exercise your creativity, but if you’re feeling stuck, here are a few ideas to get you started:


Bring the outdoors in with an explosion of floral colors around your apartment. Think about:

  • Giant tissue-paper flowers on the walls
  • Mini-bouquet party favors
  • Candies and cakes shaped like flowers
  • Salads studded with edible flowers
  • Floral throws and drapes
  • Setting up a trellis of plastic ivy to create an outdoorsy, garden party vibe

Ice Cream and Sherbet

These aren’t just perennial favorites in the warmer months, they’re also a very fun party theme. Here’s how to get the most out of this delicious party idea:

  • Use a pastel color theme
  • Decorate couches with frilly, sherbet-colored pillows
  • Create giant ‘ice cream cones’ with colorful balloons and rolled brown paper cones
  • Buy ice cream and sherbet in a number of flavors
  • Create a make-your-own-sundae station
  • Pass out edible party favors like pastel cupcakes baked in ice cream cones


If you can’t get away for spring break, bring the topics home. You may need to swing by a party store or supermarket for a few supplies including:

  • Hollowed-out pineapple serving bowls
  • Coconut shells holding drinks
  • Balloons shaped like palm trees
  • Tropical fish themed decorations
  • Caribbean music
  • Palm fronds, real or plastic, laid over tables

Fiesta Party

With a well-planned party, any day could be a fiesta. Here’s how to bring the spirit to life:

  • Decorate your home with festive colors including a lot of red, yellow, and green
  • Create a build-your-own-taco station
  • Provide beverages including margaritas, beer with lime slices, tamarind soda, and piña coladas
  • Buy a piñata and let it be guest of honor as a table centerpiece

Spring is in the Air

With a little creativity, any theme can be a great fit at our Orlando apartments. Our floor plans are versatile, working with your lifestyle and small get-togethers or big parties. Contact us today to get started on finding your new home at Promenade Crossing.

Fruit Pie

Creative Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

Fruit PieMarch 14 (3/14) is officially Pi Day. Of course, we all know that the occasion created to pay tribute to a mathematical symbol is really just an excuse to indulge in a graham cracker crust topped with our favorite flavored filling. Here are just a few of the many ways to celebrate Pi Day.

Mealtime Goodness

Who says pie is just for dessert? Consider these mealtime favorites:

  • Pizza pie. Use your favorite toppings to form the numbers of pi. Make breadsticks in the shape of the pi symbol to go with it.
  • Pot pie. Use this recipe or tweak it to make it your own.
  • Cheesy pie. Enjoy your favorite comfort food with a mac, cheese and bacon pie. If you like tacos, try a Frito chili pie.

Traditional With a Twist

  • Pie fries. You can actually make fries out of pie crust. Don’t forget to keep a cup of jam on hand for dipping.
  • Pie in a jar. Want a treat that’s easy to take on the go? These are popular at weddings but can be enjoyed anytime.
  • Easy as pie. Believe it or not, you can make these mini lemon pies in the microwave. Enjoy gooey goodness with this no-bake peanut butter pie.
  • Apple pie. You can make this the usual way, alongside a heaping helping of ice cream. For something a little off-the-beaten path, make it a layered pie. Or try it in cookie form.
  • Sweet potato pie. What makes this pie unusual is that it’s made with a cinnamon roll crust.

Go All Out

  • Dress up. Make a pie-themed costume for yourself or your kids.
  • Have a party. Get together with your friends or coworkers and plan a pie swap. To make your pie a little out-of-the-ordinary, add lots of extra meringue. Pi Day calories don’t count, right? But if you want to limit your portions, use this template to make individual slice-sized boxes.
  • Shake it up. At the end of the day, gather your leftovers (if you have any), get out the blender, and make a milkshake.

Our Orlando apartments provide residents with plenty of space and kitchen amenities to have the ultimate Pi Day party. Contact us to find out about our availability.

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